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FIU perFORM[D]ance House Nature

One aspect of the design for the perFORM[D]ance House is its concern with the continuity of the interior and exterior living spaces. The pavilion-inspired plan with large protective canopies creates an opportunity for an integration of architecture and landscape that complements and enhances the home’s sustainable goals.

A constant materiality of wood decking throughout the project helps maintain a sense of continuity. The exterior deck is also shifted off the rectilinear and geometrical axis of the house. This shift emphasizes the modularity of the design, creates opportunities for the integration of landscape elements, and facilitates circulation through the site.

Incorporated within the decking are various pools and specially selected plant species that serve bio-filtration functions to clean run-off rain water. These features showcase the coexistence of natural and man-made sustainable systems. The deck also offers an edible garden adjacent to the kitchen to grow food and spices for cooking.



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