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Past Entry:FIU's Future House USA

In 2008 Florida International University was chosen to represent the United States in China’s Green Olympics held in Beijing. FIU’s Future House USA was designed to showcase alternative energy tactics in daily life. From an eco-conscious building method to some of the most advanced residential green technologies available today, the Future House USA maximizes energy efficiency, environmental compatibility, and sustainability.

Past Entry: 2005 Team FIU Engawa House

In 2005 we brought the Engawa house to Washington and won first place in the Energy Balance Competition. “Engawa” is a Japanese architectural term meaning a unity between the interior and exterior. This is exemplified by the simplicity of the plan and the glass façade, which can be opened to create a unified living space.

Current Home: 2011 FIU's perFORM[D]ance House

Florida International University has a long history of innovation in design and technology and the 2011 Solar Decathlon will be our second visit to the National Mall.

It is now 2011 and time for Florida International University to write the next chapter in green innovation. Our submittal for this year’s Solar Decathlon is the perFORM[D]ance House, which emphasizes adaptability and customization as key components in its energy performance, hence, it dances! FIU students have come together to make this high-tech, low-energy home a reality and represent South Florida on the global stage of the 2011 Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.



Review the rules and guidelines for the 2011 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon



Walk through the Perform[D]ance House